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Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 4:10PM
Ian Read

Glynnis Kirchmeier, a former student of mine at the University of Puget Sound, has been an enormous help to the EE project by gathering material related to the history of health and disease in the United States during the nineteenth century.  While little is known about general patterns of health during this time, most evidence points to improvements in mortality for Americans.  By comparing the US and Brazil, we hope to get a better idea of hemispheric trends.  For example, in Brazil during the 1800s, some important diseases became more serious threats, including yellow fever, cholera and bubonic plague.   Except for yellow fever in the southern United States, the opposite seems true for these three diseases in the US.  Here are details on relevant articles and graduate theses.  These will be updated as it is expanded.

Article originally appeared on Era of Epidemics: A Spatial Approach to Disease and History in Imperial Brazil (
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