Cooper Bibliography of the History of Medicine in Brazil
Monday, December 23, 2013 at 1:57PM
Ian Read

Donald Cooper, Professor Emeritus of Ohio State University, gave me his only copy of a 73 page bibliography of works mostly related to the history of disease and medicine in Brazil.   Professor Cooper worked for several decades of work to document the history of yellow fever and, in the process, he amassed one of the largest and best collections on the history of medicine of Brazil.  Much of this material is now in OSU's Special Collections (See this previous post for more information).  Because Don could only give a printed version of his bibliography, we've OCR processed it to make it searchable.  Researchers looking for a comprehensive list of works on this subject should consult this bibliography and the bibliography and holdings of the Archive of the Casa de Oswaldo Cruz. 

Article originally appeared on Era of Epidemics: A Spatial Approach to Disease and History in Imperial Brazil (
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