American Association of the History of Medicine 2015
Friday, May 1, 2015 at 6:19AM
Ian Read

I write from an Amtrak on my way to Yale University for this this year’s AAHM conference.  On Sunday I will present a paper for a panel titled “Medicine, Disease, and the Framing of Race in the Slaveholding Atlantic” with two colleagues I admire greatly, Stephen Kenny (University of Liverpool) and Rana Hogarth (University of Illinois).  I make the claim that Latin America experienced a significant and shared epidemiological change during its first century of independence.  Using a case study of smallpox in Brazil, Latin America’s (second) “era of epidemics” may have had more profound consequences than we realize.  A paper draft is here.

Article originally appeared on Era of Epidemics: A Spatial Approach to Disease and History in Imperial Brazil (
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