Tools for Using the Hemoreteca Digital Brasileira, 10-million page Newspaper Archive
Friday, January 6, 2017 at 8:19AM
Ian Read

My paper at the AHA discusses the Hemeroteca Digital Brasileira ("Memoria"), its strengths and weaknesses, and a few new "add-on" tools that may help historians use this site.

Here is a copy of my paper and slides.

Try this Excel worksheet for generating, organizing, annotating and saving the links within Memoria.  It works well, but at this point generated links will need to be cut and pasted directly into the browser.  Contact me if you need any help.

Finally, I suggest folks explore the Copyfish add-on to their browser.  Voyant offers some great tools for content analysis.  Keep in mind that Voyant will only work with electronic or OCR processed text (thus, not directly with a site like Memoria).

Article originally appeared on Era of Epidemics: A Spatial Approach to Disease and History in Imperial Brazil (
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