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Cartographic and Historical Tool for Imperial Brazil

Use this tool to approximate the locations of places that existed in Imperial Brazil.

In the table below, you will find districts (comarcas), cities (cidades), townships (municipios), parishes (parochias), villages (povoações), rivers (rios), and mountain range (serras).  Once you know the district in which your place is located, you can view its map and approximate location by today's (and Google's) standards. The sidebar to the left allows you to search or browse by district or street name.  We are in the process of uploading more maps (about a two-thirds of Rio de Janeiro's streets and eight sets of provincial districts are online). There are links to more district maps temporarily stored below the table. Eventually, every provincial district and most of Rio de Janeiro's streets, as they existed in the nineteenth century, will be online. 

This may take a minute to load, depending on your connection speed.

District maps from the  "Atlas do Imperio do Brasil" by Candido Mendes de Almeida in 1868.

Map of Alagoas (13.5 MB) and districts:

  1. Capital (Maceió)
  2. Camaragibe
  3. Porto Calvo
  4. Imperatriz
  5. Atalaia
  6. Alagôas
  7. Anadia 
  8. Penado
  9. Mato Grande

Map of Bahia (14.4 MB) and districts:

  1. Capital 
  2. S. Amaro 
  3. Abrantes 
  4. Conde 
  5. Itapicurú 
  6. Inhambupe
  7. Freira de S. Anna 
  8. Cacoeira 
  9. Nazareth 
  10. Valença 
  11. Camamú 
  12. Ilhéos 
  13. Porto Seguro 
  14. Carvellas 
  15. Maracás 
  16. Cayteté 
  17. Rio de Contas 
  18. Jacobina 
  19. Monte Santo 
  20. Joaseiro 
  21. Chique Chique 
  22. Urubú 
  23. Rio de S. Francisco 
  24. Montes Altos

Map of Parahyba do Norte (14.2 MB) and districts:

  1. Capital
  2. Mamanguape
  3. Pilar
  4. Campina Grande
  5. Brejo d'Arêa
  6. Bananeiras
  7. S. João
  8. Serra do Teixeira
  9. Pombal
  10. Piancó
  11. Souza

Map of Pernambuco (13.3 MB) and districts:

  1. Recife
  2. Olinda
  3. Cabo
  4. Pau do Alho
  5. São Antão
  6. Nazareth
  7. Goyana
  8. Itambé
  9. Limoeiro
  10. Rio Formoso
  11. Palmares
  12. Bonito
  13. Caruarú
  14. Brejo da Madre de Deos
  15. Garanhuns
  16. Tacaratú
  17. Flores
  18. Cabrobó
  19. Boavista

Map of Sergipe (13.5 MB) and districts:

  1. Capital (Aracajú)
  2. Larangeiras
  3. Itabaiana
  4. Villa Nova (Part I)
  5. Villa Nova (Part II)
  6. Estancia
  7. Lagarato
  8. Maroim
  9. Capella

[more provinces soon]

Credit: Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.